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Cycling shorts are the most important element of a professional cycling uniform. As a rule, these are not constraining movements, short and tight-fitting shorts above the knee. They are made of high quality synthetic fabric with high elasticity, water-removing and breathable properties. The formula of the composition of the fabric from which women's and men's cycling shorts are made is patented for each brand and has its own advantages in comparison with cheap Chinese "analogues".

In addition to the ergonomic cut and stylish design, this type of cycling clothing must have a really comfortable and high-quality diaper. This part of the cycling shorts should perfectly remove moisture, minimize the possibility of chafing and wrestling of delicate skin, and serve as a worthy shock absorber to protect the fifth point from bumps and shocks. It is worth noting that each product is sewn taking into account the anatomical features of the body, so there are women's and men's cycling shorts with a diaper.

There are various branded cycling shorts and briefs on our website:

• Bicycle shorts without straps - suitable for summer cycling and warm weather.

• Cycling shorts with straps - provide maximum comfort due to the impossibility of slipping equipment.

• Cycling shorts with ¾ straps are ideal for cycling in the demi-season and the cold season.

Purchase cycling shorts with a diaper in Kyiv with delivery in Ukraine

The online catalog of our site is dedicated to professional cycling equipment. Here you can choose and buy cycling shorts and cycling shorts with diapers from branded manufacturers responsible for product quality. The cost of each model varies depending on the performance of the product. Delivery is carried out in any city of Ukraine.